Instant Ride Sharing.


1) What is BLINKEO?
A) It is a most trusted car pooling app letting the user share their cars with other passengers and helping them reduce their trip cost and carbon footprint. In turn making great friends out of fellow passengers.

2) What about my safety?
A) Our application is based on the idea mutual bonds, with our app a user can find people around them with mutual connections. Additionally our patented system verifies all the users with their government photo id viz; Driving Licence, Aadhar Card, Passport Copy etc. and their photo. On our environment all users also do get to rate their co passengers thus increasing the trust factor. While a passenger is travelling SOS button helps you send your location to your friend / family with all the details.

3) Does BLINKEO charge anything for the services?
A) Nope. We do not charge anything for the services provided by us.

4) How is the fare decided?
A) While we do not fix a fare, however we have a unique fare suggesting system which is based on the distance covered, car used and the passengers sharing the ride.

5) How is the payment processed?
A) Currently the only method of payment offered on our environment is cash, afterall cash is the only thing that can be redeemed most easily across the country.

6) Do I have to input trip details everytime before I have to find a ride?
A) You can either choose to input the trip details and find a car travelling closest to your destination or you click on the cars available live on the map and check if they are travelling on your route.

7) What is the maximum distance that can be covered while sharing a ride?
A) The maximum distance that can be shared in a single ride is upto 200 kms from the point of origin.

Do you have any further questions? Please free to email us on and we will be glad to assist you.